Klaudia and Graham: A Valentines Day Wedding

Your Wedding Day Dream Team

 Photographer: McAra film and photography 

Videographer: All of the family members 

Florist: artificial flowers and hand made bouquet by a family member 

Band/DJ: White Rabbit 

Photobooth: Webooked


Tell Us About Your Incredible Outfits

What and who did you wear?

Tiffany’s bridal – Harvard dress with some personal touches 

Accessories:  Shoes, Jewellery etc

Heels – ruby shoo


Trainers for dancing- DC Chelsea pink

What and who did your partner wear?

Rental from Moss Bros – Ted Baker suit

What and who did your wedding party wear

All the groomsmen matched the groom 

 Maid of Honour was wearing Allure bridesmaids 1698 shade of blue

Also wore Ruby Shoo heels and matching DC trainers for dancing. 

Your Love Story How did you meet, was it love at first sight? Tell us about the proposal!

We have met around 2011 in University, where we did not get along or either entertained the idea of being together. 

Post university and many life changing decisions later Graham has interviewed me for a position of engine builder and sometime during the time of working together i have invited Graham for a dinner and since then we just clicked and we have got on like a house on fire. 

Before we got married we were together for about 4 years. When Graham tried to hide the ring or proposal for that matter, I have very quickly found out and destroyed my own engagement. He finally found the courage to propose on one Sunday morning in our own house which looking at it now i wouldn’t have it any other way. Intimate and romantic. 

Your Wedding Day Vision & Inspiration What was your inspiration and vision for your day?

We didn’t want to concentrate our efforts and money on the wedding decorations, we needed a place to speak for itself and add few personal touches,  The West Mill did this for us.

Why did you choose The West Mill Venue?

The location and the rustic place that did not need any decorations to be beautifully and quirky. Multiple levels of entertainment meaning no wait for a clean up made sense as well. Ability to have amazing photos inside and outside with the UK weather was a massive bonus.

Did you do any DIY projects?

To stay on budget and save some money we chose many different style jars with bee wax candles.

Our ceremony backdrop was a cheesecloth material bought online and cut into lengths that we wanted to create this flowing appearance.

Our table decorations was multiple styles of books,  a jar with dry/artificial flowers and side candle holder as well as different model cars per each table as a “table number”. 

We have printed Name tags, menus and seating plan. 

To say goodbye to our guests we have opted for a sweet favour. We had small boxes in the shape of suitcases bought online kitted out with left over brownies, caramel squares and flap Jacks from our traybakes.

I have managed to find a lot of our childhood photos which we framed and displayed for our guests to remember where we came from. 

Tell us about the details – Flowers, Cake, Decor, Stationary….

Our wedding cake was a chocolate sponge with Nutella filling displayed on cake holder sourced from Internet. To make sure all of our guests were happy we also had different traybakes, brownies, caramel squares, rocky road, flap jacks and many more. This was all made and decorated by my sister which honestly was the best present for us. Our friends and family couldn’t have enough of them. We honestly didn’t have any leftover for us.

Alcohol. Because No Great Story Started With A Salad (…or did it?) What was on your food & drinks menu?

We went for a Sunday roast dinner with white chocolate cheesecake. The food was amazing! 

Honestly the no corkage was not on our list when picking venues but when we found out that was possible we loved the idea of making our guest even more welcomed with the drinks we knew they would love. We have definitely bought too many wines which we now have a lifetime supply!

The Hangover Only Lasts A Day But The Memories Last A Lifetime Can you sum up your wedding day in 3 words?

Joy, love and laughter 

What are your favourite memories or highlights of your day?

First of all meeting each other at the end of the aisle and signing our life’s away to each other. First sit down meal with our whole family and the first dance. We would do it all over again! 

Do you have any advice for future Brides & Grooms?

Don’t stress before you meet each other, it’s not worth it. Once you get to see each other make sure to take a breath and enjoy the food and attractions you have created for your guests and yourself!