{Real Wedding} Victoria & Ben – A Rustic DIY Wedding

Real Weddings: Victoria & Ben– February 2017 - A rustic wedding with a giant bridal bouquet, naked cake & sparkler send off | The West Mill Venue - www.thewestmillvenue.com | Images: Charlotte Jopling Photography

Real Wedding at The West Mill Venue, Derbyshire

Bride & Groom: Victoria & Ben

Date: Friday 3rd February 2017

Wedding Style: A gorgeous rustic wedding with a giant bridal bouquet, naked cake and sparkler send off.

Photography: Charlotte Jopling Photography

Your Love Story?

When I started working at Smith Partnership ten years ago I was an office assistant and I used to have to walk to the other office in town, I would have to walk past Ben’s place of work to get there which was Waring Hair Salon, he just used to stare at me, after a few month of staring, my bridesmaid knew someone else that worked there and he asked her for my number, we then started texting and the rest is history.   Ben proposed to me on holiday in Rome at the Trevi Fountain, it was very romantic and emotional.   We were on a cruise at the time so Rome was one of our stops, I couldn’t wait to get to Trevi Fountain as I have always wanted to go there so he knew it would be a special place.


What was your inspiration and vision for your day?

My vision for the day was that it would be relaxed but fun.  I wanted everyone to have as much fun as possible and wanted to laugh all day. I wanted my closest friends and family there to have a drink and enjoy the day as much as possible.  At night I wanted nonstop dancing.


Why did you choose The West Mill Venue? 

We chose the West Mill because of it being such a different venue to anywhere else.  Also because of its history and how it is connected to Derby.  We are both “proper” Derby families and we love Darley Abbey.  And obviously because the venue is stunning, we loved all the original features inside and also the amazing views from the back which are really unexpected. Thanks for an amazing day, it really was the best!   I can’t thank for the West Mill staff enough, they were so amazing, really on the ball with everything. Mirlah couldn’t have done a better job and she was very patient with the whole thing, just the sort of person you need for the occasion.


Did you do any DIY projects?

Yes, pretty much all of it.   We did our own flowers including my bouquet, we did our own backdrop, we decorated all of our jars, we made all our own centerpieces, my mum and dad created the ladders which had planks of wood across and big letters with Ben & Vicky on and Love.


Tell us about the details… 

Flowers were all made by us with the help of Ben’s auntie who has background in Floristry.  She lives in London so last year we went to visit her and she took us to an area where all florists in London go to get their supplies.  It was amazing, so we decided then the sort of flowers we wanted.   She then came down the week of the wedding and we all spent 2 days creating my bouquet, the centerpieces, the men and women’s corsages, the bouquets for the down the isle, the bridesmaids bouquets and also the decoration.  We also ended hanging some from the backdrop in the end.   Ben and I made our backdrop in the kitchen, It was a messy job with lots of glue.   My friend Tina Venus who came to the wedding made my cake, she is amazing at making cakes, she took the day before off to make it.    My dress was everything I wanted to be, I had quite a few alternations and changes which it wanted to it doesn’t really look like the original dress but we got there in the end, Brides and Gowns were amazing and they really looked after me and told me the truth which is what a Bride needs.


What was on the Menu?

The Drinks reception consisted of lots of prosecco and lots of craft beers, Ben loves his craft beers and I love prosecco.  There was lots of drink as both families are big drinkers.   We didn’t eat till around 4 so the drink had gone to everyones head, my photographer said it was a laugh a minute kind of day and everyone was so good to photograph because of all the fun and laughs, she said we are her most fun couple to date!

What was your favourite part of the wedding?

The speeches!  They were so good and funny, the tables got very rowdy at this point and were chanting my dads name during his speech, I know how nervous the men were about doing the speeches but they were all so good, it involved everyone and again it was a laugh a minute!


Can you sum up your wedding day in 3 words?

Best Day Ever!

Do you have any advice for future brides and grooms?

Don’t stress the small stuff!  Before the wedding you are so stressed trying to get everything perfect but at the end of the day you just need to relax and enjoy all of it, including the buildup.

Your Dream Team

Photographer:  Charlotte Jopling

Videographer: (if applicable)

Your Outfit: (Dress, shoes, headpiece, jewellery etc.) Dress from Brides and Gowns on The Strand, Derby.   Shoes from Debut and Jewellery from Stella and Dot. 

Hair:  Laura Webb (self employed)

Make Up:  Abi Smith Studio 5 Beauty

Your Partner’s Outfit: Paul Smith

Bridesmaid’s Dresses:  Boohoo

Cake:  Tina Sladen

Flowers:  Did my own with Ben’s Auntie who has florist background

Stationery:  Did my own

Band/DJ:  Zephyr

Photo Booth:  Joe Clark Photography

Other Entertainment:  Luke Wall – Guitarist in the day

Decor/Props:  All done by family/friends

Transport: n/a

Other Hire Items:

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