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Sammy & Jamie Griffiths • Wedding Details

Bride & Groom: Sammy & Jamie Griffiths

Date: 18th April 2019     Photography: Ed Brown Photography

Wedding Style: An Industrial Chic Wedding with Copper Accents and A Travel Theme

Real Wedding at The West Mill Venue, Derbyshire

Your Love Story?

We first met through my sister and her husband at a beer festival at a local pub.
I had dropped my sister off at the pub to meet with her husband (at that point boyfriend) before going home to get ready myself to go back to the beer festival to meet them. I had been home 5 minutes when received a very angry phone call from my sister requesting that I go back and pick her and her husband up as Alex (her husband) had spat a mouth full of beer over someone in front of him and was completely wasted.
I drive back to the pub to have Alex thrown in the back of my car and my sister sitting in the front seat. Jamie, then came running out the pub after them with his head through the window at my sister trying to get a lift home and apologising, whilst still in a fit of laughter at what had happened.
My sister instructed me to drive off and leave him there.
She very angrily started to explain that Alex had taken a mouth full of his pint to which Jamie then decided to slap his cheeks making him spit his beer out over the person in front of them.
So the first time I had met Jamie, was him trying to get into my car through the passenger side window whilst I was driving away.

For our first date he took me to a Safari Park where he sang along to Heart FM heartbreaker hits the whole way which was awkward.

Jamie proposed to me looking over the Golden Gate bridge in San Fransisco.
The funny story behind this is that although the proposal sounds beautiful the proposal would have been a dream if he had proposed to a different girl.
We had picked up our car and were heading out of San Fran towards Yosemite National Park which was our next destination. After driving over the golden gate bride, we decided to pull up at the side to have one more look before continuing our road trip.
As we were standing by the rail, looking over foggy San Fransisco, Jamie said in my ear, I have a question to ask you.
As I turn around to look at him, I find him on one knee in front of me holding a ring. My instant reaction was to look around, to which I found other people staring at us. I decided, to take the ring out the box, tell him to ‘ get up and stop embarrassing me’ and walk back to the car.
I said yes to marrying him in the car.

What was your inspiration and vision for your day?

The styling for our wedding was Industrial Chic. As the venue is so interesting and beautiful without decoration we didn’t want to dress it up to be something it is not, so, we decided to keep the decoration quite simple and industrial.
We created 3D copper geometric shapes for a display behind the registrar table that we dressed with artificial flowers to tie back with the fresh flowers used in the bouquets and table centre pieces. This was then moved to be behind the top table for the wedding breakfast.
Our table numbers were destinations that we have travelled to instead of numbers, making it more personal to us as we love to travel. To label the tables I hand sewed and beaded the separate destination scenes in copper embroidery hoops. these were then placed on the tables.
We wanted to make the favours more fun and interesting so we decided to keep with the industrial theme and have lightbulbs full of sweets.

Why did you choose The West Mill Venue?

We chose the West Mill because we instantly fell in love with it as soon as we saw it. We loved how industrial and raw it is. We had never been to a wedding in such a unique venue and as soon as we saw the images we could imagine ourselves getting married there.

Did you do any DIY projects?

We tried to create some of the decorations ourselves. As stated above, we created the 3D copper shapes that hung in the ceremony and also the copper pyramid shapes which were on the floor.
The table places, I also hand sewed different scenes. We love to travel and have seen many different places over the 7 years we have been together. Many for special events such as birthdays, wedding and obviously proposals so it only seemed fitting to have a little travel theme within our wedding.
We also created our table plan which was a scratch map of the world.

Tell us about the details…

Cake: 3 layered buttercream decorated cake. Base layer – Victoria Sponge, Middle layer – Cookies and Cream and Top layer – Raspberry Ripple. Decorated with fresh flowers (from florist) and light bulb topper (made by me).

Flowers: with getting married so close to easter and the venue being so industrial we wanted to add pops of colour so we decided to do this through the flowers. We requested spring flowers which were full of colour and vibrancy.
A bright colourful mixture of peach missy piggy rose, cerise vuvusla rose, lime hypericum, daisy tanectum, yellow craspdedia, moss carnations, blue delphinium, pink veronica and silver foliages.

What was on the Menu?

Drinks Reception: to drink we had rose prosecco, Corona or Heineken beers. For canapes we had spicy meatball with BBQ sauce, mexican red onion and pepper chilli wrap with spring onion and guacamole and chicken balti on a mini naan with mango chutney. We also went for the bar platter option which was a selection of hand cooked crisps, savoury popcorn selection, sweet chilli nuts and rice crackers.

Wedding breakfast:
Starter: parsnip & apple soup sprinkled with smoked bacon & brown bread croutons with a selection of bread rolls served with butter.

Main: “Host a Roast” leg of lamb served with mint sauce, roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings. Accompanied with bowls of creamy buttered mash, bowls of roasted root vegetables, bowls of tenderstem brocolli and gravy. For the host a roast we designed our own aprons which were personalised for each individual carving.

Desert: assiette of desserts – mini chocolate brownie, mini white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, mini vanilla creme brule.

What was your favourite part of the wedding?

We have struggled with this question as there isn’t one point of the day which stands out to both of us together.

Jamie’s favourite part of the day was in the ceremony as our performer played as I walked down the aisle towards him, knowing that I was soon going to be his wife.

My favourite part of the day was just after the ceremony when we had walked back into the dressing room together. I remember feeling so happy and excited.
This was also when I found out where Jamie had booked for us to go on our Honey moon as it was a surprise for me as part of the wedding.

Do you have any advice for future brides & grooms?

Our advice would be not to get caught up in the small details of the wedding too much, enjoy the process together. Time goes so fast and before you know it, its all over with. Remember at the end of the day, it’s all about you, regardless of what happens.
Remember to take time on the day to spend together and make sure you get that bride and groom selfie :).

Can you sum up your wedding day in 3 words?


The Dream Team

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