Stephen & Jenny

Stephen and Jenny McCabe • Wedding Details

Bride & Groom: Stephen and Jenny McCabe

Date: 13th February 2018     Photography: Rob Wilson from Red Snapper Photography

Wedding Style: An Industrial Winter Wedding on Pancake Day!

Real Wedding at The West Mill Venue, Derbyshire

Your Love Story?

Steve and I met at work. We both worked for our local supermarket at the time, both of us were too shy to make the first move but after a lot of dancing round each other which included me working night shifts just to get to work with him and Steve going through my till on a daily basis he finally asked me out. Steve waited till I finished worked one day and waited to meet me on my walk home. Steve and I had our first date the following week at a local pub and the rest as they say is history. That was all some 11 and a half years ago. We’ve been through a lot since then several moves, job changes and the obligatory life challenges, but finally on 12th July 2017 .he asked me to marry him.

Steve and I have always been fairly laid back and not one for being in the lime light, I’d never wanted a flashy proposal, just something that was simply private and ‘us’. So one morning after I’d gotten up from a night shift Steve and I were planning our day and decided to go for a dog walk before heading off to the cinema in the afternoon. I was running late trying to make myself look presentable and suggested to Steve that we go to the cinema before a dog walk. He was adamant we need to take the dogs out first which I remember thinking was a bit odd at the time, but I rolled with it. We headed out and when we got into the woods let our dogs off for a run around and took a seat on a bench to watch. Steve seemed nervous and it seemed like he was looking for something in his pocket. I looked down and couldn’t work out what he was looking for as I could see his phone in his other pocket so couldn’t think what he was looking for. Just as I began to wonder if maybe (finally) he was going to ask me to marry him he was down on bended knee. Steve presented me with a engagement ring charm for my London Links bracelet which he got me for my 21st and fills with charms that mean something to me or represent adventures we’ve taken together, so this was the perfect addition. We of course then went shopping to find my engagement ring afterwards.

What was your inspiration and vision for your day?

Simply, there wasn’t one! We decided we would see where the planning was going to take us. Once we knew we were getting married at the West Mill we decided that we would let the venue do the talking, it is so beautiful that it was our vision for the day.

Why did you choose The West Mill Venue?

Steve and I for some time thought that we would get married abroad and looked into all the available options but decided to ensure that everyone one we wanted would be there the answer was to get married in the UK. Late one evening when I really didn’t know where to start I began random Google searches, I searched ‘cheap wedding venues’ and the West Mill popped up. I looked through the website and was so blown away I emailed straight away to get a brochure. In the days that followed I then emailed the venue to arrange a viewing. When Steve and I got to the venue I had only walked in the front door when I told Steve I wanted to get married there. We took a tour of the venue and we were both in awe of just how beautiful it is, we took the information pack away and did our math at home before quickly sending emails about securing a date. To put it into perspective as to how blown away we were by the West Mill and how confident we were it would be perfect for our wedding day I should tell you it is the only wedding venue we saw. We didn’t arrange to go to any other venues, request prices or even do a drive by on any other venues. It was that simple for us.

Did you do any DIY projects?

Yes, I made the menus, place cards, table plan, a picture of me and Steve to decorate the architects table. We put together our own Pick ‘n’ Mix which included a few extra trips to Macro … as we ate so much we needed to top up a few of the jars! We put together activity packs for the children that came to the wedding, my mum is really crafty and a dab hand on a sewing machine and she gave us handmade pencil cases which we stuffed full with goodies like crayons, pens and glow sticks (for the disco). We found an activity book for children online which we printed out to go with the pencil cases.

Tell us about the details… 

I only went to 1 wedding dress shop. It was intentional and in all honesty I really went expecting to have a bit of fun trying on all sorts of dresses with my maid of honor. We got to WED2B and I met with a lovely member of staff who started helping me select dresses and try on different styles. As I was trying on dresses I described my dream dress to the member of staff and showed her a picture I’d drawn of it and a few things I’d found on Pintrest. She suddenly ran off and came back with my dress. It was exactly what I wanted and had described. I was sold then and there, the dress then came home with me. I spent along time trying to decide whether to get a jacket or shawl to go with my dress, the trouble was I wasn’t sure I’d wear any of them again I wanted something a bit different. Then one day whilst on Instagram I came across a post by WildWood Paper. She had painted flowers onto a leather jacket and it was absolutely beautiful. I decided that was what I wanted. I had an old leather jacket that I would have loved to wear on the day so I reached out to her and after a few emails back and forth and showing her our wedding plans she sent me through a design plan. I was dropping off the jacket to her a few days later! I couldn’t have been more happy with my jacket when I got it back, it was exactly what I wanted and I have worn it so much since.

Our florist was Catherine from Sweet Pea and Thyme. We came across her at the Ice Sheffield Wedding fair. We knew we wanted her to do our flowers straight away both Steve and I were blown away with her stall and thought it would suit the venue beautifully. We booked her quite quickly and met with her a few time over our 18 month engagement. We were pretty laid back about the flowers. We told her the colours we liked and the style and left the rest up to her. As much as I’d like to say the centre pieces and arch were my vision it was all her. I walked into the West Mill on the morning of our wedding, I was so blown away by the flowers that greeted me I didn’t believe they were ours, I thought they had been left from a previous event and when Catherine showed me the arch where we were going to get married I cried. I couldn’t recommend her any more highly.

The cake came from Rebecca at Lavender Whisk, this was left completely up to Steve to decide on as I don’t like cake! We had a semi naked cake with varying flavours from lemon sponge to gin and tonic. We knew we didn’t want a traditional looking cake and we’d really like the idea of a semi naked wedding cake after seeing it at other weddings. Rebecca was excellent she even linked in with Catherine from Sweet pea and Thyme to make sure it all coordinated. Rebecca even crafted the beautiful figures on top of our cake which are now on display in our home.

My wedding jewellery came from Tiago Jewelry in Sheffield. I had an idea that I wanted a silver and Amethyst necklace as it’s my birthstone and the stone of the month we would be married in. I took them my ideas and some images that I’d saved that they helped design my jewelry. They also made the bridesmaids earrings, which were copies of mine but with a different stone in to compliment their dresses.

What was on the Menu?

We served light nibbles for the drinks reception, crisps and popcorn, with wine, beer, pop and elderflower cordial.

For the Wedding Breakfast we had the Grilled Asparagus with olive oil lemon and lambs leaf salad to start.

Host a Roast Lamb with seasonal vegetables, red cabbage and roast potatoes for main.

As it was pancake day, we of course had to incorporate that into the menu. We had scotch pancakes with fresh fruit, chocolate sauce and Maple Syrup for pudding.

For the wedding breakfast we served, beer, pop, elderflower cordial and red and white wine.

For the evening buffet we had the pork and ham sandwiches.

What was your favourite part of the wedding?

Steve and I have spoken about this a lot and strangely we agreed on the same things. We both enjoyed my walk down the aisle. From Steve’s perspective it was because it had been an exciting build up to the day and he finally got to see me in my dress and all the secrets I’d kept from him come together. For me, I loved seeing him stood there waiting for me ready to start our next adventure. If we can have a second favorite part to the day we both think it was our wedding breakfast. We decided on the host a roast menu, where someone on the table can be nominated to carve the meat and serve everyone. We thought it would be fun and a good ice breaker for everyone. We decided that we would get aprons made for the hosts of each table. With the help of my brother who was the Master of Ceremonies and Anna from the West Mill who tied the aprons under everyone’s chairs we got everyone to check under their chairs to see if they could find anything and then broke the news to them about their unexpected duties. This was fantastic to watch and our guests really enjoyed it.

Do you have any advice for future brides & grooms?

There are a lot of things I could think to put in here but one if not the most useful thing that I ended up doing was a Pinterest board of things we’d actually arranged for our wedding. I made it a secret board so that only I and other chosen people could see it. I filled it with images of Steve in his suit, me in my dress, cuff links, and shoes, literally everything we’d bought or arranged for the day went on the board. This was then really useful when arranging our cake, flowers and my leather jacket. I gave the suppliers access to the board to they could see how the wedding was coming together and what was arranged so far.


Can you sum up your wedding day in 3 words?

Everything We Wanted

The Dream Team

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