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Danielle and Ben Hollins • Wedding Details

Bride & Groom: Danielle and Ben Hollins

Date: 2nd September 2018     Photography: Matt Horan Photography

Wedding Style: A Celestial September Wedding with some Beautiful Personal Touches

Real Wedding at The West Mill Venue, Derbyshire


Your Love Story?

It didn’t start all that romantic – it was in Revolution in Derby, through a friend of a friend and we didn’t even speak! But after a couple more nights out we started to speak and 8 years later here we are!

Ben proposed whilst we were on holiday in Majorca, we had a beautiful apartment with a roof terrace. When we came back from dinner one night I went up to the roof terrace to find a bottle of wine and candles lit, all set out beautifully – which I thought was odd! After half an hour or so I began to think nothing of it, but then Ben got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Absolutely perfect! 


What was your inspiration and vision for your day?

It took a while to decide on the theme, but it weirdly popped into my head one day as I was driving to work. My late father and I has a love for astronomy, stars and the cosmos so I though why not make that our theme for the day. It was a lovely way to give a nod to my Dad and everything from the giant moon to the map of the stars constellation table plan, made it really personal and unique to us. 

The scroll that was hung in the Cotton Quarter surrounded by laser cut stars was a poem that my dad wrote in my last birthday card from both my parents. It was about the night we got engaged as we couldn’t sleep after Ben proposed so we went for a walk on the beach. My dad captured that and the meaning of love so beautifully in his poem, so it seemed like the perfect sentiment to go into the Cotton Quarter at the end of the aisle. 


Why did you choose The West Mill Venue?

We loved everything about the West Mill, the venue spoke for itself and had so much character that you could get away with not decorating it! We also loved the setting with the river running past and could see some potentially amazing photos being taken near there.

We were also free to be as creative as we wanted and having no corkage was a nice touch as many places don’t offer that.

Did you do any DIY projects?

Although I wanted to do some of the wedding day features myself – my theme made it a little difficult! But I was able to let my creative juices flow as Liz (Mad Philomena) brought my vision to life. I had the idea of using the tale plan as a map of the stars but wasn’t sure how this would work – needless to say Liz made this happen and it looked incredible. The glass jars in the middle of the table were all constellations, which tied into the table plan. 

My friend designed our invites and save the dates and did an amazing job. 


Tell us about the details… 

Our cake was done by our family friend Sally, she knew about our theme and went all out to make the cake tie in with the day. From getting the cake topper from Liz to match the rest of the decor, to speaking with Nadia to use the same flowers that were in my bouquet, she did a phenomenal job – and that’s before I talk about the taste of the cake! 

We had 3 tiers, one of a classic Victoria sponge – because who doesn’t like that?! Salted caramel and then my favourite, a Ferrero Rocher layer which was hands down the best cake I’ve ever eaten in my life!


What was on the Menu?

We wanted to cater for all throughout the day so we kept everything simple, but tasty! We had a variety of bottled beers, prosecco and Belvior cordial for anyone wanting a soft drink served with crisps and nuts. 

For the breakfast we started with the mango and brie parcels – they are amazing! Followed by a classic sausage and mash and to finish a trio of desserts. 


What was your favourite part of the wedding?

The one of piece of advice we kept getting was – go and have 10 minutes alone with each other at some point in the day, because you barely see each other. They were right! We walked down the river and sat on a bench for 10 minutes just talking about the day, the moon was shining on the river, I’ll remember that forever.

Do you have any advice for future brides & grooms?

I will pass on the advice that I was given – walk away have 10 minutes for the 2 of you, it was the best 10 minutes of the whole day.


Can you sum up your wedding day in 3 words?

Starry, joyous and magical.

The Dream Team

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