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Confetti FAQs - The West Mill Venue | A No Corkage Wedding Venue, Darley Abbey Derbyshire

Does the West Mill allow confetti? Short Answer? Yes We Do!

But read on to find out a few do’s + dont’s and why we fall head over heels in love with confetti tunnels at The West Mill Venue.

The confetti photo is always one that brings a smile to our faces here at Team West Mill. The colour, the smiles, all of your guests in one place celebrating you both – magic! But have you ever wondered how we organise your guests into two perfect rows or how much you should provide for a 100 guest wedding? Then scroll down, we have the answers for you. 

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What types of Confetti do you allow?

Whilst we love confetti here at The West Mill, there are a few things you should bear in mind. 

Good to go: You are welcome to provide biodegradable confetti or natural petal confetti. 

Things to avoid: Confetti cannons, foil pieces, rice or darker shades as they tend to stain the courtyard.

How much Confetti should we provide for our Wedding?

This will depend on how many guests you have, your budget and how ‘full on’ you want your confetti photos to be. 

Typically around half of your guests will want to throw confetti, so don’t worry about providing enough for every guest. 

You are welcome to ask your guests to bring their own but in our experience it is often forgotten. If it’s important to you both to have an epic confetti photo, add it to the wedding to-do list. 

Consider a big basket or tub full of loose confetti where everyone can take a little pinch or alternatively you could pop the confetti into little pouches or cones for your guests to take. 

Good to know

Paper confetti: Around 15g is considered a handful.

Buying in Litres? Natural petal confetti is usually measured in litres.

1 litre is around 10-12 handfuls or fills 10 confetti cones. 

10 litres should be plenty of confetti for a wedding of 100 guests on the assumption that around half will throw it. 

Confetti FAQs - The West Mill Venue | A No Corkage Wedding Venue, Darley Abbey Derbyshire
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This Confetti Calculator is pretty handy particularly if you’re using natural petals.

Calculate Here

Confetti FAQs - The West Mill Venue | A No Corkage Wedding Venue, Darley Abbey Derbyshire
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Top Tips from Shropshire Petals

Shropshire Petals know a thing or two about pretty petals and have been growing eco friendly confetti since 2005. So we thought we’d ask the Confetti Growing Experts for their top tips.

What are the best petals to order?

After years of testing we’ve found delphiniums and wildflower petals are the best for throwing confetti. They’re small and lightweight, so they gently flutter down to the ground, giving your wedding photographer plenty of time to get your all-important photos. If you want to add a flash of extra colour, you can also add some large petals like roses or hydrangeas too, but you only need a few to add to your mix.

You can create your own bespoke mix too, just visit the Pick & Mix tool online. 

When to order your petal confetti?

Most of our petals keep for months (and some for years) but as a good guide we recommend ordering as soon as you know what you’d like, and if your wedding is less than 3 months away we can dispatch straight away. As soon as the petals arrive, just keep them stored away from heat, moisture and direct light and they will keep absolutely fine until your big day. If your wedding is over 3 months away you can use our Delayed Delivery service, and have everything hand-packed and sent from our Petal Shed closer to your big day. 

Shropshire Petals Discount Code

The lovely folk at Shropshire Petals have kindly offered West Mill couples 10% off their order with an exclusive discount code.

Shropshire Petals Discount Code 10% off orders over £50.

Use Code: WEST10

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Confetti on Your Wedding Day

First things first – You don’t need to think about anything. Just simply drop off your confetti with the rest of your decor and drinks the day before your wedding* and leave the rest to us. 

*Typically 9am the day before your wedding – please speak to your event manager about these details. 

  1. After the Civil Ceremony, you’ll be taken into the dressing room and greeted with a celebratory glass of something and given a moment to take it all in, just the two of you.
  1. Whilst you relax, your West Mill Event Manager will work with your photographer and key people in your wedding party to get the tunnel underway downstairs.
  1. Your guests will have already been greeted by our front of house team with a drink on the ground floor and shortly after, prompted by your event manager, your master of ceremonies will ask for everyone to make their way outside.
  1. Working with your photographer, we’ll make sure your guests are armed and ready to go in two rows either side of our main door and once ready, it’s nearly show time!
  1. The last step is to escort you both downstairs. With one last check and a thumbs up from your photographer, it’s time for you to step out and be showered with confetti as you walk down through your guests.
Confetti FAQs - The West Mill Venue | A No Corkage Wedding Venue, Darley Abbey Derbyshire

Fancy a group shot?

After the confetti tunnel is usually the perfect time to do a group photo. Your guests are all together and full of smiles and once done you can be free to enjoy your drinks reception. You’ll be able to discuss these details at your planning meeting with your event manager which is typically around three months before your wedding day. 

Wet Weather Plan

Whilst no one wants rain on their wedding day* it does happen but the good thing is that we are prepared. Your Event Manager will be stalking the weather app relentlessly for a gap in the rain and if nothing can be wiggled round a shower, we’ll just shower you with love inside instead. A quick change of plan, we’ll arrange the confetti to be thrown as you walk back down the aisle on the ceremony floor instead. This way we can then leave the (pretty) mess upstairs. Again, this is something that can be discussed with your events manager if you’re concerned. 

* We heard it’s meant to be good luck?

No Confetti?

No problem. We still think a tunnel to welcome you into your drinks reception makes for a great photo. We’ll simply ask everyone to wave their hands or raise a drink instead. 

So finally… 

Should you bring confetti to The West Mill Venue? It’s a firm yes from us. Hopefully with this guide you’re all set for when it comes to that part of your wedmin. 



For more inspiration, do check out our Confetti Gallery here. As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the events team.

01332 229 029 

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